Criminal Law

The firm's criminal law department has handled numerous cases of business crime and criminal law. Our strength lies in our people, who combine experience in successfully handling parallel proceedings initiated both before the civil and criminal courts.We have acted as defense counsels and have also represented civil claimants before the courts of all instances (Misdemeanors' Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court).The firm's lawyers possess in-depth experience in parallel proceedings initiated before the criminal and civil courts and this enables us to provide our clients with a coordinated and an all-round approach.

We have indicatively been involved in cases relating to: offenses against a public authority, resistance to a representative of a public authority, contempt of court, appropriation, forming criminal organizations, financial crimes, white collar crimes, offences relating to currency (counterfeiting notes and coins), criminal offences relating to documents (counterfeiting documents and the misappropriation of documents), offenses against property (theft, embezzlement), offences against property rights (fraud, extortion, fraud to creditors), offences perverting the course of public justice (perjury, making false statements without oath, making false charges), criminal offenses relating to anticorruption related matters, criminal offences relating to public office (embezzlement in service, bribery, abuse of public office, making false statements, falsifying documents, disclosing confidential information relating to public office, breach of duty), offences against honor (verbal insult, defamation, defamation of a société anonyme), offences causing regular danger (arson, breach of building regulations), offences against life (homicide by negligence, bodily harm, exposure to danger) as well as cases relating to the criminal liability of medical practitioners.

More specifically and as far as offences against personal honor are concerned, we have indicatively handled cases before the courts in relation to defamation cases related to ministers, members of parliament, chairmen, managing directors of public institutions and companies, members of board of directors and senior executive officers. Regarding offences that pervert the course of public justice, we have handled cases of witness perjury, cases involving false charges and cases relating to false statements made without oath by a member of the government, a minister, parliament members, public officials, notaries, lawyers, chairmen, and members of the board of directors of companies, institutions and foundations.

We have also appeared before the courts in relation to offenses against property rights such as cases of fraud against public institutions, syndicates, trade unions, insurance and financial institutions and their executives and in similar cases presenting a particular socio-legal interest.